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Marginal 4 IDOL OF SUPERNOVA scans from Dengeki Girl’s Style


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Scans provided by laito-kun

Translations under the cut ^^

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permission to post was given by the artist

Please don’t remove the source !

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シリーズ/ John
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have a listen to this very short sample of the song, Koganeiro (originally sung by Takashi Kondo), being sung by the composer himself. I personally am more inclined to how Kondo sang it, but John brings out a certain charm with his new arrangement that I just can’t get over the lovely mellow feel with the new accompaniment and all.

I’ll probably end up playing this song on endless loop when the album releases.

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Aoi Shouta - voice Newtype
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Aoi Shouta - True Hearts
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Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou

Super duper awesome and helpful! I am totally going to try this out for my Garrosh cosplay.

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I watch this at least 10 times every time it shows up on my dash

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TRIP×TRICK Pre-order Bonuses


if you want to see the storyteller II bonuses go here

These are also out!! CD: 1296 yen 2CD+DVD: 2576 yen

CD Japan:


it’s the normal KG-sized portrait! comes with either (first press) version!!




erm..this one’s a bit…

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storyteller II ~the Age Limits~ Pre-order Bonuses


Wow i wonder when they put these up..i’m going to have such a difficult time choosing All of them are for sale at 2700yen ($23.29)!!

TRIPxTRICK Bonuses here~

CD Japan:

it’s their usual KG-sized portrait!!



looks like it’s a bromide this time!…

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Aoi Shouta~

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-Radio Shingeki no Bahamut promotion movie-


back to school is always the worst

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i know what i want but…

i can’t do nothing

i really want to draw, but i hate my own style 
i really want to cosplay a lot of character, but every moment i tried to make up,  or put on my head a wig, i see in the mirror always the orrible person i am, or how fat is my body
I want a new job, but i can’t tell nothing because “ehy Jessica, you got a job, don’t complain. You’re lucky!” Yeah, i can’t leave the job, the pay isn’t bad and i really need money. 

i really, really want to stay with my friends right now, but i can’t. I miss them so much, i can’t stop crying

I’m always, always, the lucky one, right?
The mommy, the good one… I want to be cuddled, i want to be important, i think the only thing i need right now is a boyfriend in the end. 

But i never had one, and i think I’ll never find a guy who falls in love with me. 
Because i’m a  boring and orrible person. 

So… i’ve got pixiv, my 2D housband and fine, let’s download shit